Economic Burden of Chronic Disease in California


You have arrived at a website that allows you to estimate the cost of chronic diseases in each county or region in California! The project that led to the initial generation of this data was funded by the Chronic Disease Control Branch at the California Department of Public Health using estimates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Chronic Disease Cost Calculator, the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), and a number of other sources (see the FAQ page). The site was developed by UC Merced with funding from the California Healthcare Foundation.

The website allows you to access our estimates of the cost of six chronic diseases by ethnicity, age, gender, county and region. The cost estimates are available by:

Chronic conditions Ethnicities Gender Age groups
Arthritis African American Male 0 to 17
Asthma Asian Female 18 to 44
Cancer Hispanic/Latino 45 to 64
Cardiovascular Non-Hispanic White 64 to 79
Depression 80 or older
All conditions combined All ethnicities combined Both genders combined All age groups combined