Economic Burden of Chronic Disease in California

Before you begin

  • Remember...these are only estimates – There is no single source of data on the cost of chronic diseases in California. The estimates presented here were compiled from a number of sources, including Chronic Disease Control Branch at the California Department of Public Health, the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the California Cancer Registry, and Census data for California. For more information about the method by which the estimates were developed, see the FAQs.
  • Downloading and citing the estimates – The website allows you to customize your request. If you want to use the information, please cite the source as:
    • Brown P, Gonzalez M, Sandhu R. Economic burden of chronic diseases. Accessed on XXX from
  • How to customize your request – You will be asked to indicate which of the following you would like information on:
    • Chronic diseases – You can choose any combination of the chronic diseases, or all of them
    • Region – You can choose a region (the counties will automatically be selected) if you wish. If you want to tailor your choice to a specific county or counties, you can leave this blank.
    • County - You can choose a specific county or counties.
    • Ethnicities – You can choose any combination of the ethnicities, or all of them
    • Gender – You can choose male, female, or combined
    • Age groups – You can choose any combination of the age groups, or all of them
  • How to download data – You will be able to view the information on screen, but you can also choose to have the output written to an Excel file
  • Output – The results will show you:
    • Population for the region or county you selected
    • Estimates number of cases of each of the chronic diseases
    • Estimated rate of each chronic disease
    • Estimated cost per case
    • Estimated total cost for that county or region